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InternationalPop Art: Cang Xin

InternationalPop Art: Cang Xin

Cang Xin is a famous performance artist based in Beijing, China. He was born in Heilongjiang Province in China. As a fascinating artist bursting with originality and creativity, he was a music student at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music from 1988 to 1989 and began studying painting in 1991.

His first solo exhibition was held at the Beijing Artist East Village in December 1993, entitled the “Virus Series” (Performance Art). His second exhibition was also in Beijing in May 1994, entitled “Step on the Face” (Performance Art). In June 1996, he had his third exhibition called “Communication” (Performance Art). Thereafter, he has held numerous exhibitions not only in China but all over the world.

Cang Xin’s works are often evocative, or rather provocative, and can often be shocking and even controversial… gory… but behind every “piece” of artwork he creates is a meaningful and moralistic interpretation, and you can rest assured there is never a dull moment with him and his artistry. Catch him perform at the Global Art Fair.

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