Zigong: Bright lights, beautiful city!

Zigong lantern festival by ZGM.com

Zigong, 自贡 a prefecture level city in Sichuan, China is not a very big city by China’s standards in terms of its land size and population but it is a be known for its lanterns, dinosaurs and salt! Hmm… what a combination!

Zigong is an ancient city and the people in there have been mining salt even before the Han Dynasty, 76-88 A.D. Due to the popularity of its lanterns, it is now better known for its lanterns than either salt or dinosaurs.

The Lantern Festival which originated in Zigong since time immemorial is now famous and not only replicated in cities throughout China but also in many other cities which have sizeable Chinese and Asian populations all over the world, including Singapore, Sydney, London, etc.

The Magical Lantern Festival held in London for the first time is one great example of this. Tickets were sold out for Saturday. If you are in London now and want to catch a glimpse of the lanterns on Sunday, go book now because there are not many tickets left and the festival ends on Sunday!


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