Yang Yang 杨洋

Yang Yang by ZGM.com


Yang Yang 杨洋 is very popular artiste who hailed from Shanghai, China. He graduated from the People’s Liberation Army Institute of the Arts in 2003, majoring in classical dance, folk dance and ballet. He was a top student in school and participated in many national and international dance competitions.

He came into prominance after being selected in 2008 for the new version of the “Dream of Red Mansions” “红楼梦“ television drama series. He has a large following of fans, and his popularity is largely derived from his handsome good looks, suave personality and a generally gentle and friendly demeanour.

He has a great fashion sense and is attractive whether he appears in ancient period costume or youthful modern attire. All these qualities together his elegance and good natured character makes him a favorite star.

Yang Yang by ZGM.com

  Biography 个人简介

  Name 姓名:Yang Yang 杨洋

  Sex 性别:Male 男

  Date of Birth 生日:1991 September 9th 1991年9月9日

  Occupation 职业: Actor 演员

  Horoscope Sign 星座:Virgo 处女座

  Height 身高:180 cm

  Weight 体重:60 kg

  Blood Type 血型:AB

  Place of Birth 出生地:Shanghai, China 中国上海

  Place of Ancestry 籍贯:Hefei, Anhui, China 中国安徽合肥

  Education 毕业:China People’s Liberation Army Institute of the Arts

  Major 专业:Dance 舞蹈

  Interests 爱好:Dance, Performance, Music, Basketball, Swimming

  Source 来源: CNTV China Central Television 中国中央电视台


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