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In spite of the constant bashing of China by some media, like the British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC, there has been such a demand for internship in China that many companies have sprung up catering to the constant stream of school leaving students from all over the world going to China for internship. This is despite the fact that these media organizations are deliberately talking down on the growth of the Chinese economy.

The reality on the ground is very different. China is still growing at at least 6.5 to 7% and that is humongous in absolute terms since it is such a large economy, the biggest in the world.

Therefore, the number of students wanting to go to China for internship speaks volumes for the state of its economy. And there is no better time than now to go as interns in China. China is a pretty developed country now and it is great to visit China as a tourist destination alone.

China is again transforming its economy, now to a much higher gear and who knows you may have what they require and you could even work there after your intern. You can go to the large coastal cities, such as, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou or to some second tier cities. It all depends on your own objectives. The downside is that due to the large demand worldwide, the companies specializing in getting you an internship charge you! However, the fact that their business is brisk shows the value of an intern job in China.

So, why the demand for internship in China and what’s so great about it? Well, to put it simply, it gives you great ROI (Returns on Investment) for your time, effort and money! The word “China” in your CV will probably get you the next job in the currently bad job market.

So, what do you do now if you plan to go for an internship in China in due course? Well, come here more regularly and learn more about the real things about China. And second, but not least, learn Mandarin!


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