Decoding iFortune Cookie: Year of the Sheep

ZGM: Year of the Sheep

In the New Year 2015, according to the China Zodiac, is the year of the Goat or Sheep or Ram, that is, 羊. Great things, all positive, happy and harmonious will be happening, and it is an auspicious time indeed. This is because the Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility

The first day of the 2015 Lunar New Year falls on the 19th February, 2015. This day is a new moon day, and is the first day of the first lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar system. It is indeed a lucky year! As you crack the iFortune Cookie, it has become a this propitious time and will be especially fortunate for you. You will have a successful year ahead! Believe the iFortuneCookie.

The Lunar New Year 2015 ushers in the year of the wooden sheep in Chinese astrology.

The Sheep is one of the favorite creatures in the China Zodiac as it is not only a prosperous but also a happy time as in the idiom 喜气洋洋 which means full of joy and jubilation. The Sheep is a noble and elegant animal, steadfast yet gifted, charming and romantic. It is lucky as the Chinese character of luck 祥 contains a 羊, with the sound of 祥, Xiang similar to 羊, Yang. It also radiates positive energy througout the universe as 陽 Yang of Yin Yang has the same pronunciation as 羊. Therefore, expect high energy but with fruitful outcomes.

2015 will be a creative time of great success when what you have been working on for the past years will come to fruition. It is a perfect time which the Chinese call it “Tian Shi Di Li Ren He” 天时地利人和, that is, when the time is right, geographical and social conditions are favorable.

The trinity of Heaven, Earth and People in perfect harmony is the propitious time for growth, success and prosperity. As such, in the Year of the Goat, the Chinese like to send greetings like 三陽開泰 (with the 陽 replaced by 羊) or Sanyang Kaitai which means the “Trinity of the positive forces open the floodgates of grand fortune”, or in the context of the new year, “The advent of spring brings forth a surge in great fortune”. Literally, the meaning is “Three Positive Yangs Open Up Harmonious and Auspicious Grandness”.

This year is also an excellent time for friendship and romance. Goats and sheep don’t fight among themselves or with others. They are cordial, peace loving and cuddly creatures. Whether you are making friends or looking for some serious long term relationship, just go with the flow. Well, just be prepared for some surprises!


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