China’s Massive High Speed Rail Network

High Speed Rail in China by

China has a massive rail network, including its complex subway and high speed rail networks that spread all over the vast country. Its high speed rail network has already been extended all the way to Europe and other parts of Asia, and when fully completed, it will look like the map (by CCTV) just above.

It is reported in the Western media that China has even been contemplating of extending its hight speed rail all the way to Alaska and into North America, that is, Canada and the U.S.A.

As of 2015, China had the longest high-speed railroads in the world, 19,369.8 kilometers (6,852 miles), and by the end of 2014, they became longer than all the other countries combined. High Speed Rail in China by

According to ChinaDaily, the network is continuing to expand at a relentless pace, turning the whole of China into the size of a city where transportation is as easily accessible as subway trains.

Picture below shows the high speed railway network in the format of a subway map courtesy of


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