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Slowdown? You gotta be kidding! Don’t listen to those NSA, FBI and CIA Anglo Saxon influenced media if you want to make money in the biggest economy in the world! Fantastic Business Opportunities abound in China! Of course! We are in Shanghai and it is a vibrant city with all kinds of business represented here, with multinational companies from all over the world not just having a presence here but also doing a much lucrative business! However, the business opportunities are now not just confined to the Eastern and coastal cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou but also spread out in other parts of China, particularly in the Western regions of China, such as Chongqing, Urumqi, etc.

Shanghai is THE most exciting city in the world! Yet it is not just Shanghai that is booming but all over China, every province, every city, big and small, they are all doing very well, indeed! Forget about the statistics. Come and see for yourself and experience it. You don’t even need anecdotal evidence. It is all here for all to see…

You can join the TYCOONCLUB or just contact PYM for more information if you are interested in doing business in China. And thanks to all the technologies, the best way to start your business is online, via the Web or Mobile!


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